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How to choose different types of eye washers--SYSBEL

Release Date:2019-07-28
The types of eyewashes are available in different styles, such as portable eye wash, vertical eye wash, composite eye wash, etc., but in the initial stage of factory workshop or laboratory construction, we must carefully consider how to choose a Eye wash for field use.
For the selection of different types of eyewash, the following recommendations are summarized in the following:
1. In the laboratory, subject to space conditions, in general, install a desktop eye washer.
2. The portable eye wash device facilitates the movement of the eye wash to the desired position. However, the conditions of use are very demanding, and the site needs to be relatively spacious and the ground is relatively flat. At the same time, the cost of maintenance is relatively high.
3. You can use a wall-mounted eye wash or a vertical eye wash in a place where you only need eye wash. Wall-mounted eye wash and vertical eye wash can only be used to clean eyes, face and hands. Wall-mounted eye washers can be installed in the workshop or on the walls outside the workshop. The eye wash is mounted at the same height as the vertical eye washer and has a height range of 1.00 m to 1.10 m. Vertical eye washers can be used when the wall is not convenient to install.
4. If there is no fixed water source and you need to change the working place frequently, you can use wall-mounted eye wash bucket or portable eye wash. However, the cost of eyewash maintenance is relatively high.
5. After chemical spills or emergency rescue (such as rescuers need to wear chemical protective clothing to enter the field to work or rescue), after the accident treatment, you need to use a composite eye washer to spray and wash your eyes. Because the user may have a lot of chemicals sprayed on his chemical protective clothing after working or entering the rescue site, it is very dangerous for other personnel to come into contact with the user's chemical protective clothing. Therefore, the user must first be required to wear a chemical protective suit, and then use the spray system of the composite eye washer to perform a large amount of cleaning before being able to contact him.
6. When firefighters or other on-site personnel are in fire and fire, the clothes on the body will be ignited by fire at any time. You can use the spray system of the compound eye washer to extinguish the clothes.
7. Portable pressure eye wash can be moved to any position without any restrictions. The eye wash device is suitable for use on a working site with no water source for 30 minutes. Products are stainless steel portable pressure eye wash and plastic portable pressure eye wash.
In addition, when choosing eyewash, you need to consult the merchant or manufacturer, the material of the eye washer and the precautions for installation and maintenance, etc., which can be used in a critical moment to better use it.

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