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Industrial Wipes and Industrial Wiping Cloth-New Products Pushed by Sysbel

Release Date:2019-07-28
Industrial Wipes
Product Features:
1. Advanced general-purpose industrial field wiping paper, yellow three-layer composite
2. 100% pure wood pulp, strong oil absorption, no dust after wiping, no spoilage
3. Surface embossing design, improve decontamination ability and enhance wiping strength
4. Cleaning of parts and tools, wiping and maintenance of mechanical equipment, cleaning of laboratory vessels and countertops, etc.
5. FDA certification for direct access to food materials;
6. Refer to national standard GB 11680-1989/GB 15979-2002 meet food grade requirements
Industrial Wiping Cloth
Product Features:
Soft to the touch, Repeatedly used, Strong toughness and excellent wiping performance
1. High absorption performance;
2. High dry and wet strength, used in combination with solvents to meet daily wiping needs;
3. Do not leave dust after rubbing, do not fade;
4. Cleaning and wiping of liquid leaks, cleaning and protection of production equipment, maintenance and cleaning of workplaces;
5. Pass ROHS testing, professional quality;
6. FDA certified for direct access to food materials, silicone oil-free silicone certification;
7. It meets the sanitary standard of GB 15979-2002 disposable sanitary products; 

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