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PP Drug Storage Cabinet-SYSBEL

Release Date:2019-07-28
The 4-door drug storage cabinet produced by SYSBEL is made of 8mm thick corrosion-resistant PP plate. The cabinet structure is stable and durable, and it is used to store various medicines and 
most corrosive chemicals. PP medicine cabinets can be standardized, organized, and classified to store chemicals of different natures and hazard levels, effectively preventing and reducing the risk of human or natural disasters.
1. It adopts 8mm thick PP sheet and is welded by the same color homogenous welding rod. It has excellent resistance to strong acid, strong alkali and corrosion resistance;
2, the laminate can be adjusted and can be placed in both positive and negative directions to meet the user's diversified choices (the short vertical side is upright, the bearing is good, the short vertical 
side is reversed, and the bearing capacity is second);
3. The plate is bent and formed, and the frame structure after splicing is stable to prevent deformation;
4. All plastic in-line door handles and hinges are designed to prevent corrosion of the cabinet as a whole;
5. The upper and lower cabinets can be stored independently, managed by sub-area, and effectively utilize storage space;
6. The cabinet is provided with ventilation holes, which can be connected to the ventilation system;
7. The bottom foot can adjust the level of the cabinet;
8. Safety padlock configuration, realize double lock management, in line with China's "Hazardous Chemicals Safety Management Regulations" (December 1, 2011 edition).

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